Monday, June 6, 2011

Salted Buttered Pasta

There's something so simple about pasta, butter, and salt. Granted it may not be the healthiest meal in the world, but sometimes I just crave something easy. The simple enjoyment of buttered noodles began during the culinary adventures of my tween years. Boxed macaroni and cheese was a mainstay of my home school lunches, and I would often make the staple to share with my sisters. One day I got the idea to taste the noodles after putting in the half a stick of butter required by the pictorial directions on the side of the box, which at one time I had memorized by heart. To my surprise, I liked the simple buttered noodles more than the cheesy final result. Through the years I would always sneak a spoonful or two of the plain noodles before ripping open the white packet of strangely neon orange colored cheese powder. 

Now I've gravitated away from the boxed macaroni, which I will indulge in every once and awhile, and moved onto great whole wheat pasta. Sometimes I will throw some pasta in a pot of boiling water not knowing what it will become and often times it will simply be paired with melted butter and a dash of salt. Ah the simple things in life....

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