Saturday, February 5, 2011

Places I want to go

It's about the time in the semester when I wish that I was elsewhere, roaming freely and exploring new territory. I often dream of traveling to many places as I'm stuck in my desk chair reading a 65 page chapter on means of egress for building code...loads of fun.

I long for wide open spaces, and a realm of possibilities. I want to learn and change. Exploration and adventure is so dynamic, travel is an ever changing art. I dream of going many places, and awhile back I made a list of all the places I must go to in my life, which amounted to 25 countries. My list in no particular order:

New Zealand,   England/Scotland,  Ireland,  Iceland,  Japan,  China,  Australia,  Czech Republic,  South Africa,  Greece,   Italy,   India,   Turkey,   Egypt,  France,  Peru,  Brazil,  Russia,  Spain,  Netherlands,  Tanzania,  Uganda,  Germany,  Israel

And those are only the places I must go to, not the places I would just like to go to. The reasons for going to some of the countries are strong, some not so much. In the end, I just long for new territory and places I've never been before, so that I can come back to my home and see everything is a whole new way...

We shall not cease
from exploration 
And the end of all
our exploring 
Will be to arrive
where we started 
And know the place
for the first time.
~T. S. Eliot

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