Sunday, February 6, 2011

Google Earth

I spent the majority of my day typing a paper about the uses for Google Earth. It's actually quite an amazing program, and if you haven't downloaded  it and zoomed around the earth, I strongly encourage you to do so. In my research I uncovered some unique ways people have used the program like a skydiving simulation!

Or what about looking at 13,000 satellites around the earth in real time? Check it out here.
Have a bunch of time to waste? Check out this website. It has a bunch of images that people have found in their hours of searching Google Earth images. 
This one also updates with the newest info about Google Earth, right now they have aerial images of the protests in Egypt. 

Okay, so this one uses Google maps actually, but I thought it was so cool! A graphic designer from Turkey came up with the idea. Make an envelope with a map on the inside. you can type in any location in the world, and it will put the Google map of it, then just print it off, cut it out and enjoy how awesome looking it is!

I know this post is super link happy, but I thought I would share some of the things I found. 

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